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ATV Ride and Adventure Hike

Enjoy a fun sightseeing trip with fellow adventurers in a forest setting.


What We Offer

Leave the civilized world behind and go on an exhilarating adventure with an intimate group of thrill-seekers in this lush forest setting at Alaska BigFoot Adventures in Ketchikan, Alaska. Start your journey by riding an ATV to the Alaskan Wild Woods Base Camp and hike on our scenic trail.

Explore our moss-covered forest with well-groomed gravel compact trails, several bridges, and a few stairs through prime Bigfoot habitat. Enjoy full-colored, science-based kiosks identifying the abundant species of the thriving animal and plant life.

You will learn a wealth of information about the Tongass National Forest while soaking in the primitive surroundings of the infamous Sasquatch stomping grounds. The terrane where you will tread is accentuated by two creeks that cut their way through a gorgeous mountain slope towards the Pacific Ocean.

Our trail was professionally engineered by Monrean Engineering and Associates of Ketchikan and permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. ABA gives thanks to author and Bigfoot researcher Dr. Robert Alley and Dr. Wayne Houtcooper, a biology professor from the University of Alaska.


Deep woods near Ward Cove, Alaska

North of Ketchikan, near Ward Cove

DURATION: 3 hours

ACCESSIBILITY: Must be ambulatory and able to climb stairs; medium exertion is required

RETAIL COSTS: Adults $149.00; Children $119.00 (12-years-old and younger)




2 to 4

Based on cruise ship schedules

Each participant will get a narrated tour from their ship to the ATV site. Enjoy the marvels of the ecosystem as you ride through the backwoods on ATVs and hike deeper within the forest with a small group guide. Explore the homeland of the mysterious Sasquatch while reading and taking pictures of over 40 kiosks of plants and animals.

Trail side berries, delicious gourmet cookies, and hot chocolate or coffee while resting near a gorgeous creek with lots of trout (no fishing). You can also take photos of the cascading waterfalls and a full-sized, motion-active replica of Bigfoot, produced by Frank Coffman Studios in Colorado. Book now so you can prepare for your journey as soon as possible!

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